Feb 2, 2016

Natural Eco Friendly Skin Exfoliators

Nothing can compare to how your skin looks and feel after a  home spa exfoliating treatment. I have dry skin so exfoliating my skin from my face to my feet is a must. Especially even more during the winter months. The cold weather can be brutal on the skin.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to try out and review these Natural Eco Friendly Exfoliating Glove by Thermalabs. I normally use shower loofah, sugar scrubs and body exfoliating gloves to remove dead skin. Sometimes exfoliating can be messy when using sugar scrubs and products that require scooping or have grainy texture.   They never stay on the loofah or the glove. More than half of the product is usually wasted during the process.

The package come with three gloves/mittens and a bonus finger exfoliator, one size fits all. The gloves are made of natural fibers. Loofah, Jute and Sisal. Each glove has a different texture to suit your exfoliating needs. They range from softer to a little more rougher. There is even full guide that tells you everything you need to know about this product.

  1. The bamboo fiber and Loofah Mitt is more softer and provide a very gentle and soft exfoliation. 
  2. Jute Exfoliating Glove - is a soft fiber with just enough roughness to exfoliate the skin leaving it soft, smooth and glowing. 
  3. Sisal Bath Glove - has a much rougher texture when compared to the other two. It does  an excellent job with exfoliating the dead skin. It did a great job at cleaning up the dry patches on my feet. 

My favorite of all three is the Jute. I love the texture. It has the right amount of roughness to remove those dead skin cells while leaving your skin  soft and smooth.

Another feature I love is the small loops. They capture and hold any bath product that is poured or scooped onto it.  It also works perfect with my bath jelly.  I use it to scoop out the jelly from the container it goes down into the grooves of the loops so none of my product is wasted. I get to use every last drop. Looking down into the tub at wasted product is a thing of the past.

Another thing that is good about these mitts are the back side can be use as a wash towel. The fiber is soft and feels great against the skin.

Themalab even went as far as to add a bonus finger exfoliator that is very soft and gentle enough to use on your face.

The gloves are constructed well and should last me a few months with proper care. If interested in knowing more about this product. It is available at the amazon link below.

Thermalabs Natural Eco Friendly Skin Exfoliators

Disclosure: I received this product for free for my honest and unbiased review. These are my honest opinion after using this product.

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